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Petroleum Club 100 N Broadway, Wichita, KS 67202

The Petroleum Club stands atop the Ruffin Building in Downtown Wichita, Kansas. Beautiful views and quality dining.


"A lot of personal growth. Understanding about who you are and where we're going. Dedicating time toward your business, I think, is the valuable lesson for today too. So many times you get busy, in the business, that you don't take time to work on the business. So, being able to take time to focus on where I'm trying to go and what I'm trying to do, especially at the first of the year, is very valuable resource for me."

Chad Glenn ActionCOACH Kansas 3Ten Architecture

Chad Glenn

3Ten Architecture - Owner

"My takeaways were Travis Bell's Bucket list & Reverse Bucket List. That's not something I normally do, It was a refreshing exercise. The 80 squares was pretty real to think about. I'm actually going to figure out a way to visually see my 80 squares every day... I was stuck on developing goals for the new year, now I have 2 great S.M.A.R.T. Goals to start with."

Ryan Kittrell  ActionCOACH Kansas Kittrell & Klaskin

Ryan Kittrell, CPA

Kittrell & Klaskin, LLC - Owner

What I like about [ActionMembership] is the comradery, working with other people, getting other people's input and having a little structure for some of the things we should be doing that we don't tend to do.

Jim Foulston ActionCOACH Kansas Foulston Construction

Jim Foulston

Foulston Construction- Owner

"The time I took out of my busy week could not have been better spent doing anything else! I felt humbled and honored to share the room with these fellow businesspeople. The learning, inspiration, and energy I received in those few hours are priceless! Already lookin forward to the next month's meeting!

Kristin Kienzle ActionCOACH Kansas Utopia Modern Salon Suites

Kristin Kienzle

Utopia Modern Salon Suites - Owner

I really appreciated the opportunity to take some time out to focus on the development and growth of my business. I also appreciate the support system ActionMembership creates for small business owners like myself. 

Tyler Circle

Tyler Branine

The Bicycle Pedaler - Owner

I've made some really incredible connections with some people that I think is going to help their business grow as well as mine. At the end of the day, that is what [ActionMembership] is all about. It's a great even exchange and I feel that I get that every single time I come to Membership.

Kelli Circle

Kelli Foster

Bohemia Healing Spa - Owner

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